Best Composting Toilet for Tiny House Review 2023

Tiny houses are a great matter of attention, especially when it comes to know about waste disposal. It’s a matter of cleaning the toilet in a small house that needs efficient ways to put waste disposal in specific ways. Many people get confused as they face problems while cleaning bathrooms in short houses which never have such places to expose waste disposal.

Best Composting Toilet

I in a proper way. Do not worry if you have a small house and are facing such a problem. Here in this article, we have provided some Best Composting Toilets for Tiny House, which are the actual match and solution to your problem.

Let’s now move to those best composting toilets that are best for a small house to all of you and fit best according to your needs. However, if you are in a hurry, you can check this table. All these tiny house composting toilets are an exact need for customers with small homes.

Top 5 Best Composting Toilets for Tiny House

  1. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet
  2. Villa 9215 AC/DC
  3. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet
  4. Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

1Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet – Best Overall Toilet

Amazon Choice

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet shows the exact and ideal benchmark of the US trade and business in many ways because of ergonomic design and a lot of features.

The toilet is straightforward to use and is an exact model of advanced technology. Available at low prices, these attract several people worldwide to buy, install, and use this toilet.

High efficiency is another feature which makes it well reputed and well famous all over the world. It can be used for a long time depending upon guarantee time and durability.

Important Features

Easy to Install

The product is dead-easy and straightforward to install. There is no need for any extra labor activity, Professionalism, and hard work needed to install all other toilets. Handle, and other parts of the body make the bathrooms attractive and efficient in working and quality.

So, if you search for the best toilet without compromising quality for your small hose, this one of the best and perfect choices always. We always recommend and place it on top of the list.

Easy to Maintain

The toilet is straightforward to maintain based on quality, and the schooled handle is another fact that makes it fabulous. You will never regret buying the bathroom when you look at features and when you will never regret it anytime.

Removing waste material, removing fluid and other harmful substances is an automatic function of the toilet. It makes it easy in the active job to spend a little work removing all waste material. The handle is made of composite material, which makes it very easy to remove waste.

Perfect for Small Places

The toilet is ideal for small places, no matter how small space is at your house. It is always a perfect and fabulous solution for small businesses. Small place friendly, efficient, working capacity at the small area and easier.

The attractive fact is that if you ask for a recommended bathroom for a small place, 80 out of 100 people will recommend this toilet for reasons.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design and advanced technology are other features that make people attracted to buy and use this product. Most people do not want to compromise design because of the small place in the tiny house, and hence it’s why people like this platform in daily life. It is a sustainable product of the model of toilets for tiny homes in short.

Here’s a complete guide on DIY Composting Toilet.

What We Like

  • Maximum guarantee
  •  Save space
  • Ergonomic design
  •  Use high-quality material
  •  24-hour customer support

Don’t We Like

  • Somehow expensive
  • Not suitable for medium and large-sized house

2Villa 9215 AC/DC – Best Composting Toilet for Money

Amazon Choice

 Villa 9215 ACDC

Villa 9215 AC/DC is another important toilet that does not use any water. Villa has been used for many years, for a long time, and it is a perfect manufacturer of advanced technology in life. The design is very compact and easy to use front end instead of side end or last end toilets.

Perfect for a medium and long family, it is representing a traditional lifestyle. Installation by a hook and handle looks dead easy for all. Using this toilet, you can make the best and excellent choice for those who had a bad experience in their life.

Villa is a certified wireless toilet enhancing the trust of millions of people in daily life.

Important Features

Spider Fan

Spider fan is an essential fact about the app, representing a perfect solution for the shaft if it bends due to any reason. It is 5 feet long, drawing maximum attention to divert toilet parts, making it very easy for hooking and ventilation. The ultimate purpose is to make the cleaning job perfect and accessible for everyone.


Maximum capacity is another important factor about the Villa brand, which is very excellent and surprising for everyone. There is an excel for proper working and cleaning capacity. Its high capacity is straightforward to handle, and even its auto-clean toilet never creates a bad smell there.

Certified Components

One of the essential features that attract people is that it is certified with all small and large parts, including handle, hooks, etc. All components are made of high-quality material, which is all very professional and excellent to use. In short, any product which is a certified product is always good to use.

What We Like

  • Work efficiently
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Reasonable prices
  • Certified toilet

Don’t We Like

  • Spider fan can be an adverse effect for those who do not use it

3Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle – Best Composting Toilet for Less Space

It is one of the best toilets for tiny houses that attracts the most people. This is also a dry toilet as it is a waterless operation for easy use that’s urine diverted.

The thing that makes it perfect for your home is that it is lightweight, odorless, and compact. The toilet is made with the best stainless steel hardware, robust construction that makes it very easy to use.

You can feel very comfortable while using this toilet. It is one of the best products of the famous brand natural’s head that provides many good bathroom products.

The toilet is the most attentive design, offers you the best quality and most reliable sanitation solution.

Important Features

Comfort to use

This toilet is made in such a way that everyone feels comfortable while using this. It has a perfect seat. Everyone can use this without facing any difficulty.

Easy to buy

The unique thing about this toilet is that it is not very expensive. Natural’s head provides you excellent products at reasonable prices.

Easy installation

The thing that makes it unique is that it has an easy installation process. You can easily install this toilet into your bathroom without facing any difficulty.

Water-saving capacity

The best thing about this toilet is that it can save your water. You can use this toilet with little quantity of water. Its name is a dry-type toilet, so it consumed a meager amount of water.

Beautiful design

This toilet attracts the most people towards itself. It is made in such a beautiful design that makes your bathroom more beautiful and attractive. It has white so that you can easily clean it.

Cyclone flushing technology

It is another one of the most essential and versatile features of this product, a matter of consideration. Natural’s head provides you with very high cyclone flushing technology. This feature helps to increase flushing and water-shedding.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  •  Water-saving technology
  •  Elegant design

Don’t We Like

  • Sometimes the seat is missing
  • Sometimes break due to shipment

4Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric – Best Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Excel Non is another best composting toilet for home. Working on the non-electric model that safely converts the waste material of humans into fertilizing soil.

The main aim is to reduce harmful substances, including chemicals from the medium, to a high capacity level. Ideal in size, efficiency is grateful, and many other toilet features are the main reasons people prefer this toilet to buy daily.

Important Features

4 inches Vent Mounted

Four inches vent mounted an outstanding and unique feature. The primary purpose is providing the air through the toilet so that there is no foul smell or any place for bacteria and other harmful substances. This vent is mounted at the top, just like the chimneys, where air movement is effortless without any resistance.

12 Font Inline Fan

An in-line van is installed so that you can use this without any worry or dependence upon the fan or any other rotator. Still, it would help if you kept in mind that there is no maximum or any wrong bend that can genuinely affect its performance. This also provides evaporation capacity, which is needed for daily life to be used.

Moisture Control

Moisture control is another feature and fact about the toilet, which helps control or stop moisture according to a specific environment. The example is that if you live in an area of ultimate humidity, you are recommended to use less water, and the same is the case when opposite.

Bio Drum

Bio drum is the feature that prevents harmful substances from taking over, but there are many other advantages. It happens that bacteria, especially those who are anaerobic, do not cut off the waste material in a beautiful way. But due to bio drums, it’s straightforward for bacteria to degrade these waste materials; hence providing maximum advantages is the main priority.

What We Like

  • Composite and elegant design
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Maintain warmth during permanent working
  • Works under an ideal environment

Don’t We Like

  • Not valid for newbie because of complex design
  •  No cons at all

5. SUN-MAR GTG COMPOSTING TOILET – Best Small Size Composting Toilet

Small Toilet


Another toilet including tops of our list is SUN-MAR GTG COMPOSTING TOILET which is advanced in design and technology.  It is the smallest compost toilet. The technology is highlighting the actual intellectual level of those who designed it. 

It’s easy to port from place to place because you can use it at different events, i.e., outside a home when you need it during a picnic. It’s the best size small toilet which provides excellent and fantastic work.

Dual design and sea separator are other features that enhance the interest of people to buy this toilet. All the gien features make it the best composting toilet for the house.

Important Features

Built-in Fan

A built-in fan is a feature that is heavier than all other components. As far as it rotates, the movement of bacteria and harmful substances towards the toilet eliminates. Hence, it eliminates the dangers of catching bacteria and diseases, which can cause severe health conditions sometimes.

Dual Chamber System

The Dual-chamber system is another quality of this toilet that mainly separates liquid from solid substances. The goal is to make the cleaning process very easy and direct the removal of harmful substances from both of the chambers.

Compact Design

The toilet’s compact and straightforward design is another feature that most people search for because of place issues at their home. It uses very less specs and hence is best for small tiny houses.

What We Like

  • Easy to install and port
  • Affordable
  • Small and compact design
  •  RV in design
  •  Built-in fan enhances the cleaning effect

Don’t We Like

  • Sometimes stops working after sometimes

Best Tiny House Composting Toilets – A Complete Buying Guide

Above is the list and description of the top 5 toilets, but still, if you have some issue, you must read the following guide. 

Available Space

The first and most crucial factor you need to keep in mind is the space you can adjust as they are used for a short house. Checking the size of the place where you need to fit is the best step to purchasing a toilet for your tiny home. Based on space, you can even install this toilet at the places where a split system is available to make it look more beautiful. 

Tank Capacity 

Tank capacity is another factor that is necessary to consider while buying a toilet that can make your bathroom look beautiful and wonderful. Ask yourself how big a toilet you need? Of course, it depends upon your family size and the members you have in a place. No matter if you need it for an office, for a school or any other business. The first thing you need to consider is always space. A toilet for a tiny house is suitable for three to five family members based on daily usage on average or standard. So, please do not make a mistake to make it worthwhile for a large family.

Order Removal

An automatic odor removal toilet is always the best and perfect choice over a bathroom, which cannot remove bad smell. Due to odor, bacteria and viruses may spread different germs, which leads to the ultimate end with a disease. So, must keep in mind the automatic removal toilet. However, you can also use organic material and other different substances to remove odor in daily life. It’s not the most significant issue, but using an automatic bad smell removal toilet is always a perfect choice for you. 

Body Material

The body material of a toilet is another important feature that you must look at. It has a natural odor due to which the body looks beautiful and which also enhances the toilet’s good smell. Using a bathroom that is made of raw sawdust is a perfect choice. The toilet made of this material not only enhances the beauty of your home but also makes it an ideal choice for you.


A composting toilet is a toilet that works on the principle of a small place and small house. It does not mean that you can use it for a regular bathroom. Providing maximum moisture is one of the excellent choices that help to remove the odor.

The use of extra chambers is another reason why people love it. Most of the composting toilets are made of sawdust taken from tall trees. Hence, you can use this without worrying about the quality of the bathroom.

Here’s a detailed guide on How Do Composting Toilets Work?

It’s one of the confusing questions which most people do ask. And have the myth that composting toilets may cause smell because of their small size. It’s not true because composting toilets have some specific qualities that help intuitively remove odor.

It has a particular chamber to eliminate waste material, including solid and liquid. So, you can use it anytime when you need it.

No, there is no specific guide to use a particular toilet, but you must read the directions to use an item before using a product in daily life.

It’s not a tough or the most challenging job to do but dead easy to clean it. The first thing you need to consider is that it’s an automatic cleaner toilet. However, if you need to clean it for shining, we recommend using some of the well-reputed chemicals available at the market.

It’s not so expensive that an ordinary person can’t buy it. It is very affordable to buy. Keep in mind not compromising the quality over some money.

On average, a toilet may cost $200 for minimum and $2000 for maximum. Many of your mat’s still expensive, but if you look upon its features, then you can feel that it’s not expensive at all.

Check the nearest waste disposal plant and dispose of the waste material to eliminate bacteria and other harmful chemicals.

Final Verdicts

Finally, if you need the Best Composting Toilet for Tiny House, you must look at the toilets mentioned above. If you design a tiny home, we recommend choosing this toilet as the ultimate perfect choice for you. Use these toilets in daily use and make them fit for you. All the above toilets are excellent and have a cranked handle to use easily for everyone.

There are plenty of features these toilets provide. So, buy a tiny composting toilet and make your life peaceful. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us any time. We are always here to answer your queries. 

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