Best Composting Toilet of 2023 – Buying Guide

The best composting toilet is one that works on the principle of self-cleaning. It does not only help to clean waste material but also aims to lessen the carbon and other gas waste. Furthermore, this can be used now at different places, including houses, RV, camping, office, etc. 

In this post, we provided a complete review of the best and top composting toilets that replaced the traditional bathrooms, which are no more helpful now. Modern technology needs modern solutions, which is why these toilets are precisely designed so that they get the job done in very little time. The compost toilet system is of no use due to its self-cleaning process. Furthermore, you are free of cleaning it daily as their self-cleansing activity makes them a favorite among professionals and users. 

Best Composting Toilet

Top 6 Compositing Toilet Review

There are millions of products available in market but buying the one which has all the features is hard. Here is review of our top product based on good performance, efficiency and price.

  1. Self-Contained Composting Toilet
  2. STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet
  3. Separate Villa 9215 AC/DC
  4. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet
  6. PortaPotti 92306 Toilet

1Self-Contained Composting Toilet

This best compositing toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design is attracting a lot of users. It has multiple features to attract those highly interested in using advanced and more valuable products.

It was only helpful at its design, just as the traditional toilets and people struggled to make it clean. But now, it is revolutionized over time that you don’t need to clean it, but its self-cleaning activity made people love this product. Moreover, it is one of self-composting toilet.

Important Features

Elegant Design

With 22 x 20.5 x 21.7 inches dimensions and 28 pounds of weight, this is one of the excellent products which is self-sustained because of ventilating system. With a hose, venting becomes very easy and smooth. Its space-saving design helps you to install this toilet easily at any place without preparing a specific area for this purpose. You can install it at your home at any location, including the cabin. 

No Smell

You must be happy to know that it does not create a foul smell which is an issue in many other same-designed products. It’s decomposition activity is enough to waste liquid and solid material into the appropriate form, i.e., valid for fields as fertilizers. Even you can empty it by throwing waste material into the areas. 

Liquid and Solid Separator 

This toilet has separated for liquid and solid materials, due to which it’s easy to empty this toilet later. The separator is helpful to decompose overall sold and waste advantageous material way again. In the end, you need to open the valve separately and then through both waste materials. 

Resist Corrosion

At the first look, you will see this product similar to the other traditional, but usage of stainless steel is helpful and amazing to resist corrosion at all times. Furthermore, granite-colored metal is beneficial to clean corrosion or any other useless spots and stains quickly from the surface. All the material used in designing this toilet aims to work as resistance against corruption and many other substances.

What We Like

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Elegant design, use less space
  • Don’t create bad-smelling

Don’t We Like

  • Waste containers may fill up and through water outside if you don’t empty them.

2STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

The designer has designed it with a combination of ideas, and This is another product with green color and an elegant design. Its design and size make it easy to install and also help to clean it smoothly. Above all, its affordable rates are a good reason to buy this product for permanent usage as its warranty time is ideal. Bases on low prices, it’s named as cheap compost toilet.

Important Features

Comfortable Full Sized Seat

Suppose you are old and can’t use a toilet due to the uncomfortable and wrong size of the seat. STANSPORT seat comes up with a comfortable chair that is full-sized and anyone can use easily. Compared to other traditional toilets, this is very lightweight and can handle the heavy weight of any person. 

Smooth Footprints

Its small and beautiful footprint makes your product very efficient but is an excellent reason to make the seat more comfortable to use. Those with heavyweight now don’t need to worry about footprint slipping. These footprints are designed such tricky that increasing the overall warranty time of the product is another function. 

Compact Design

It has ‎14 x 14 x 14 inches dimensions, due to which now it is easy to make this design makes your bathroom look very professional and beautiful. Furthermore, the designers added a harmful waste material that is replaceable.

As long as this bag is filled up, you can replace it with a new bag. Hence, now you don’t worry about throwing waste material using the overall toilet; just through the bag and use a new one. 


This excellent and modern designed toilet is affordable yet besides all factors. People love this product due to its low price and efficient working. It is helpful for tiny houses and smooth to install at any place inside or outside of a home.

What We Like

  • Waste material bad makes it cleaning very easy
  •  Durable due to plastic material
  •  Comes with a full-size seat and lid

Don’t We Like

  • Not valid for large family and house

3. Separate Villa 9215 AC/DC

Saniflo Sanicompact is the best commode toilet, which makes it Choosing the most OK composting toilet can be difficult if you have a restricted amount of space. This can be a severe problem If you own an RV with a small bathroom. The Villa 9215 AC/DC is an excellent toilet for anyone who lives off the grid and wants a comfortable and attractive composting toilet, introduced in November 2018 in the US market, replacing earlier Villa models. It is urine-diverting and waterless.

(However, pouring half a cup of water down the pee drain after each usage is recommended.) If you’re looking for a waste disposal solution that’s good for the environment, this composting toilet is a great option. It is best electric compost toilet and due to less or no water usage also named as waterless composting toilet.

Important Features


The Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC, thankfully, has a very compact design. The toilet is of 21.3W X 17.95H X 26.46L dimension and weighs roughly 48.25 Pounds. This variant, on the other hand, has a sizeable adequate capacity for trips. It will likely last three weeks before needing to be evacuated for the average family.


The Villa 9215 can be powered by either AC (ordinary domestic or on-grid) or DC (batteries or solar). It has a single-speed fan and adaptors for AC / DC power, allowing it to vent up to 20 feet. This helps to keep foul smells at bay. For longer vent lengths, an AC-only fan converter kit is available. It makes a professional and beautiful compost bathroom look.

Waste Removal

This model makes use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure effective waste management solutions. When you lift the top of the toilet to remove the waste, two locks should be squeezed down. This diminutive element is helpful since it eliminates the possibility of the seat falling on you.

What We Like

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to empty
  • ETL certified

Don’t We Like

  • Little bulky for confined places

4Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Saniflo Sanicompact is the best commode toilet, which makes it best to use for everyone. It’s a combination of China toilets and a pDo you need a porta potty (portable toilet) that is particularly simple to use? Of course, it should be light and easy to transport. Camco Manufacture, which specializes in RV products, makes the Camco 41541 portable toilet 5.3 gallons, which come in handy in certain instances.

The Camco Lightweight Travel Toilet is possibly the most incredible outdoor compost toilet due to its simple design. This Portable and biolet composting toilet is a proficient portable toilet that comes in three different types to cater to your specific demands.

Important Features

Compact Design

The toilet is of 12.5′′ H x 16′′ W x 17′′ dimension and weighs roughly 11 pounds, though it will feel much heavier when complete. The lid is constructed of long-lasting ABS plastic and will keep out odors, which is a big plus when you’re near a toilet. 


On the bright side, this flushing does not involve the use of electricity or batteries. Manually pushing down the bellow mechanism to flush the toilet, on the other hand, takes quite a deal of work. 

Waste Removal

This model’s tank, which is incorporated into the base, has a volume of 5.3 gallons. Since the interior of the tank has a slick surface, waste removal is simple. A latch along each side of the waste tank protects the toilet itself from the tank while also allowing you to detach the two portions.

when it’s time to flush the waste. Detach the latch, lift the toilet’s lid away from the waste container, and dump the outflow valve. Because of the enormous capacity, you don’t have to clean the tank very often.

What We Like

  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Massive waste tank

Don’t We Like

  • Flusher is prone to breaking.


Are you searching for the perfect RV composting toilet? Sick and tired of hearing reviews on RV composting toilets? Sun-Mar GTG is the best portable and compact composting toilet. This Sun-Mar version can be used as an RV composting toilet.

Unlike the other bulkier types, this close composting toilet is elegant. But don’t be fooled by its sleek appearance. It’s built of the same rugged materials that Sun-Mar is known for. It is simple to use, and the installation procedure is simple. Its simple form makes it appropriate for a compact residence, making it better than most other options that take up a lot of room.

Important Features


The toilet is 24 x 15.75 x 19.8 inches and weighs roughly 25 pounds, though it will feel much heavier when complete. It’s enormous in terms of size. This toilet is more significant than a conventional toilet, without a water tank. Overall, this is a tremendous composting toilet.

 Furthermore, the GTG has become more user-friendly due to the addition of a liquid and solid separation feature. The bathroom has a built-in fan, which was a lovely addition. We’re all aware of the scents emanating from toilets, but the built-in fan significantly reduces this problem.


An evaporation exhaust fan consumes very little electricity; you can also get a separate solar system. A solar panel will operate your fan without destroying any of your RV’s power.

Waste Removal

Unlike a regular flush toilet, you’ll need to fill the solid collection bucket with a plastic bag. Because there is no cap on the urine holding jar, it is a little difficult to empty. However, the remedy is straightforward. When it’s loaded, bind it and throw it away in a garbage pail. If you don’t let it accumulate too high, you should be fine.

What We Like

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Separate solid and liquid waste
  • Built-in fan

Don’t We Like

  • Without a trap door

6PortaPotti 92306 Toilet

One of the most well-known portable toilet brands is PortaPotti. On building sites, during festivals, and in various other places, their models may be found. PortaPotti toilets are noted for being tiny, lightweight, and extremely long-lasting. Several reasons for this include the large waste tank volume, battery-powered flushes, and a clean and attractive appearance that complements your recreational vehicle (RV).

No one is willing to give up this for a regular toilet. Thetford Corp’s Porta Potti is the most acceptable portable RV toilet. It is also known as the most excellent composting toilet for traveling.

Important Features


The White Thetford Corp PortaPotti has a stunning cylindrical shape. The toilet is 16.5” X 13” X 12” dimension and weighs roughly 14.3 pounds, though it will feel much heavier when complete. This contributes to its sturdiness. It’s also made to be extremely quick and easy to set up for usage on the go.

This model’s elegant look is complemented by its excellent functionality. A 4-gallon water tank and a 5.5-gallon waste tank are included in the package. It has a water level indicator and is a good option for everyone. The plastic is of high quality so that it will survive for an extended period. You can also say goodbye to unpleasant scents.


On the plus side, the flush of this model is battery-operated, which means that no energy is necessary for it to function correctly, making it perfect for folks who own vehicles, RVs, boats, or enjoy camping.

Waste Removal

When it’s time to flush the waste tank, the comfortable carrying handle will come in handy. Pouring out waste and cleaning the tank is a breeze with the spinning spout. Moreover, a sealed valve prevents undesirable odors from escaping.

What We Like

  •  Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to clean
  •  Compact and sleek design

Don’t We Like

  • Rather small size

What is composting toilet?

In other words, we can say that a self-sustain or self-cleaning toilet is a composting toilet. The toilet uses the decomposition process to waste human material instead of water and other chemicals. Furthermore, it can lead to utilizing waste material as fertilizer and which is helpful for the fields.

It is a type of dry toilet. It’s designed by utilizing an essential material: sawdust, coconut coir, or peat moss, and many other valuable materials are being used to create and enhance its body shining. Stainless steel material is used in the body and upper surface during design. All of the combinations make this toilet easy to use, easy to install and easy to clean.

These composting toilets were firstly designed by the Japanese people, who are now the most significant alternate of traditional bathrooms. These toilets are affordable and use less water to flush and clean. Furthermore, it’s easy to empty a decomposition toilet as compared to all traditional bathrooms. These toilets are primarily helpful in public areas or areas where less water is available, including rural areas and parks.

Working of a Composite Toilet

It works on the principle of decomposition similarly as microorganisms decompose the waste material into practical ways. Furthermore, it is an alternative process of bacterial pollution in most industries. Its venting process is further reason to end up waste material into a helpful waste.

During decomposition, all the harmful substances are ended, and pathogens are removed into the waste material. The remaining substances which are helpful are then utilized for beneficial purposes. At the end of the process, they produce humus like substance which is then thrown at the outside places where it is necessary.

Pathogens are all other harmful substances that are removed. The removal of these substances and organisms occurs at high rates compared with other processes in different industries.

Best Composting Toilets Buying Guide 

Although buying a toilet is very easy if you have some money in your pocket, an expensive bathroom does not mean that you are getting everything you want. More factors are necessary to keep in mind, including warranty time, size, flushing capacity, and price. These are some essential factors that are required to keep in mind while buying the best composting toilet:

Tank Capacity

Considering tank capacity to buy a toilet is an essential and astonishing factor as it determines how many people can use a bathroom for a specific tank. Of course, if you have a large family size, we recommend using a toilet with a greater tank capacity to adjust water and waste material. Some of the tanks can remain empty for months, while some fill up in just a few days. 

If the tank size is small, then you can use it for the RV and other purposes. Also, determine the water usage to clean a toilet that you are applying to flush it. All of these factors are helpful to deciding on the tank and the best toilet for you as per your need and requirements. 

Portable Versus Composting

Based on different types of composting toilets some sellers misconnect or deceive the users into showing portable toilets as composting one as both of these toilets are helpful for the RV and camping activities. Similarly, some portable toilets are similar to composting toilets. So, while buying a composting toilet, make sure that you purchase a pure composite toilet instead of a portable one. You can confirm it by reading the guideline mentioned on the product or by asking a professional. 

Size and Shape 

These factors determine how much space they will fill up at your home, cabin, RV, or outdoor place. On the other hand, it also determines the installation method. Some toilets are easy to install at any location, including a cabin or shelf, but some of the bathrooms are very hard to install and need a plumber for this purpose. A pre-installed toilet is always excellent and preferred than one that requires a professional for installation. 

So, sit peacefully and then decide to buy the best product to avoid any hurdles or hurts. 

NSF Certifications

NSF certification is another essential and considerable factor that is important. An NSF-certified toilet means that the bathroom is applicable for use anywhere as it is certified by a third party. This means that a bathroom is up to the mark and conditions of the specific government.


Do composting toilets smell bad?

No, composting toilets don’t create a foul smell until you are very careless about cleaning them. Furthermore, if you are not using or managing it correctly, your bathroom may make a bad smell.

How do you empty a composting toilet?

It is straightforward to empty a composting toilet. Either you can get through waste material into a public bathroom or waste resource, or you can get through it into the field where it works as fertilizer after decomposition. 

Final Verdicts

Hence the best composting toilet could be a cleaner of waste material if you bought a good product. These are advanced products related to bathrooms and flushing modern technologies. We hope that the above information about composting toilet reviews helps make your choice better. 

All the above products are based on specific features and have some cons as well. If you don’t have enough time, you can see our top picks, which may support narrowing down your choice. All these three products are good considering each aspect and feature. 

  • Self-Contained Composting Toilet- This toilet is best due to no smelling and fast decomposition process. Its durability and low price are other features which make the people love and buy this toilet as the main priority.
  • STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet– It is a product that has a compact design and has footprints which make this toilet easy to use. These footprints are the main reason attracting users to install at their homes, RV, and offices.
  • Separate Villa 9215 AC/DC- Another top picks toilet is the Villa brand which removes waste material with cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, it works on AC or DC and uses either on the solar system or an electric system.

Still, if you have any questions, you are free to ask us anytime. We are always here to help you and solve your queries. 

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