Best Handicap Toilets for Disabled Persons – ADA Approved/Compliant

In general, persons having incapability frequently practice approachability encounters while practicing communal toilets. For instance, maybe the chamber is not roomy enough for the consumer to get access to the services contentedly. Currently, you might definitely create your toilet extra manageable as well as relaxed for everybody. Particularly, people facing physical restrictions need to have an approachable toilet. In this regard, the best handicap toilet can be the best choice for you.

Best Handicap Toilets

Best Handicap Toilet Reviews

Here are the top 7 handicap toilet reviews, comprising their pros & cons. These are the best handicap toilets because of the exceptional structures set down in the subsequent segments.

  1. Kohler K-3999-0 Highline
  2. American Standard 2034314.021 Champion
  3. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake
  4. 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet
  5. KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston
  6. Toto CST744EL#11
  7. WOODBRIDGE T-0019

1Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

The Comfortable

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline

Kohler is an amazing brand of new technology in the toilet field, which is enhancing a lot of customers towards it who buy. Not only do they buy, but they recommend to others who ask them for recommendations. Its modest style, flush system, and several other features that we mentioned below enhance buyer’s interest.

Important Features

Spotless and Modest Style

Having a spotless as well as modest style and proficient presentation, this High water-preserving toilet syndicates elegance & utility both.

 Advanced Flush Setting

Also, an advanced flush setting comprising a capacity of 1.28 gallon, affords substantial water reserves of up to 16,500 gallons each year.

Moreover, likened to a timeworn 3.5-gallon toilet, this model doesn’t sacrifice flushing command.

Contended Usage

The extended stool & chair identical elevation confirm contented usage and it’s 2-piece structure permits for informal approach to the space nearby the toilet.

Extended Vessel

Comfort stature extended bowl delivers more ease, raised out an additional 1-1/2 inches matched to a curved structure.

Solo-Flush System

Solo-flush system practices the strength of gravity as well as an accurately planned container, vessel, and trap way creates a robust drain off during flushing. Class 5 flushing equipment presents practically socket-free presentation besides cleaning control for a spotless vessel.

Water Sense Licensed and ADA Compliment

Additionally, this toilet consumes 20% less water than the existing usual whereas upholding higher presentation. This toilet fulfills the principles of toilets fixed by the Americans Disabilities Act.

What We Like

  • Comfort height creates sitting u0026amp; stand-up at ease
  • Delivers heavy discard flushing presentation
  • Finest-in-class vessel sanitation
  • Even flushing system with constant water treatment
  • Offer water savings of up to 16.5 gallons each year

Don’t We Like

  • No toilet seat included

2American Standard 2034314.021 One – Piece Toilet Seat

Amazon Choice

 American Standard 2034314.021 Champion

American Standard 2034314.021 is another important product included at the top of our list, which provides many advantages. It is one of the biggest trademark symbols of American technology with flush style, design, and other free features in the same amount as many other products are providing.

Important Features

Choke-Free presentation

The Champion 4 is brilliant in choke-free presentation, creating a quicker, extra influential, however noiseless flush. It might transfer a 70% bigger bulk than a usual toilet.

Precise Height

This Precise Height toilet structures a 16 and1/2 inches border elevation to increase your comfort of consumption as well as relaxation.

Ever Clean Exterior

This modern all-in-one style comprises the innovative Ever Clean exterior which is stress-free to sanitation, besides remains cleaner for longer durations. Furthermore, the Ever Clean surface prevents the evolution of stink producing bacteria as well as blemish on the exterior.

Gentle Close Toilet Bench

Moreover, it comprises the advanced gentle close toilet bench which would set a halt to seat knocking for a silent as well as extra serene domestic article.

What We Like

  • Gentle Close Toilet Bench comprised
  • Extended Right Height drain off
  • Ever Clean Exterior retains the toilet unpolluted for longer durations
  • Less intake benefits you save water
  •  2-3/8″ totally fixed trapway
  • 100% workshop flush confirmed
  • 10 year warranty

Don’t We Like

  • The toilet creates a lot of noise while filling up

3. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2 – Piece Ada Toilet

The Toto is one of the best accessible toilets according to your budget. For a reasonable rate, you acquire several topographies classically supplementary with high-class toilets. Available in different styles and designs, it’s one of those toilets which fits best according to a person’s height. Hence, you can buy according to your need.

Important Features

Uses Little Flow of Water

This toilet uses little flow of water-consuming only 1.6 gallons each flush.

Available in 5 Dissimilar Colors

Offered in 5 dissimilar colors as well as uses what the company says is the “GMAX” flushing instrument. It structures frame tallness of 17 inches, for a relaxed setting. You can get this model in different available colors including, cotton white, colonial white, ebony and Sedona beige. Also, the contrasting color might benefit those suffering difficulties with vision.

3-Inch Flush Tap

Moreover, a 3-inch flush tap guarantees a systematic presentation devoid of wasting masses of water.

Meets the Terms of ADA

Additionally, the toilet design meets the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act, presenting a manageable tallness as well as breadth which would create it a suitable choice for the inversely able persons.

Exceptionally Noisy

The most shared objection applies to the sound aspect. It’s an exceptionally noisy toilet, the noise of which might evidence troublesome.

Fixed Handicapped Toilet

It is a fixed handicapped toilet of 2 parts, 30.5 inches in tallness (pretty sufficient to practice without base risers).

Flush Organism

Surrounded by the merits of this toilet, I must mention its rich flush organism. It structures a three inches flush faucet as well as a 2 1/8 inches trap way, the both are broader than in usual toilets.

Less-Intake Drain off Spurt

Furthermore, it structures an innovative less-intake drain off spurt. If you want, you might renovate it by connecting an electrical bidet through the similar seller.

What We Like

  • Extended setup
  • ADA approved
  •  Available in different colors
  • Affordable price
  •  Influential flush faucet
  •  Relaxed sitting tallness

Don’t We Like

  • Unusually noisy

4. 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet – Convenient Height Toilet

Convenient One

 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet

20 inches extra tall toilet is another ideal toilet which are very perfect to use for those who are extra tall. Providing the best comfort is the best solution for tall people.  The 20 inch highcommodes enhance your restroom protection. Moreover, it aids to sit down as well as stand up extra comfortably helping to prevent fall down.

Important Features

Baseboard Heater Fitting

Vessel rear-end as well as organizational support border is intended in a manner accordingly baseboard heaters fit behind this 20inches Extra Tall toilet.

Extremely Strong Flush Actuator

Also, it features a double flush actuator which is extremely long lasting and strong. It is fixed to a metallic lever through extremely strong joining and also remains stiff. Well plotted constituents.

Great Boost Magnitude Flush

Not totally trap ways are the same. The 20 inch high vessel trap-way practices its particular tallness for a dominant magnitude-based flush. Well engineered flush system.

Gentle Closing Seat

Convenient Height Co. currently offers a fresh variety durable toilet seat. Its gentle-closing as well as fine fitted structure provides maximum sitting relief.

Well-Designed & Fine-Looking

The 20 inch High Toilet is well-designed as well as really fine-looking. It appears flawlessly balanced and suitable perfectly for any restroom style.

What We Like

  •  Higher toilet vessel
  • Strong metallic handle with dual flush system
  • Great presentation
  • Perfect for people having bad knees
  • Good customer service
  • Perfect toilet for small space

Don’t We Like

  • Seat and lid are flimsy

5. KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston Comfort Height Toilet

Comfortable one

KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston

The Kohler K-3754-0 Kelson is the finest reasonable priced toilet which you would acquire in the market. Additionally, this model arises including exceptional features which creates approaching it be relaxed as well as great. Whether you’re a grown-up, suffer from incapability or even if you’re handicapped, you would feel this toilet very much relaxed.

Important Features

Stylish Design

Moreover, this product from Kohler would not only increase your relaxation cheers to its style as well as sizes however, would likewise enhance grace and friendliness to the restroom. This model was intended to precede and to advance one’s relief while consuming it.

Easy to Sit and Stand

The Kohler Kelston best handicap toilet is of easy stature that is moreover stated as bench-height seats. Also, it creates sit down as well as stands up humble for maximum aged persons.

Extended Vessel

In addition, the elongated vessel intention delivers consumers with supplementary sitting extent for added relaxation. Also, this feature makes this model apart from other models.

Class 5 Flushing Machinery

This toilet comprises a K-4474 container & a K-4306 vessel & the Class 5 flushing machinery which delivers outstanding mass flushing control. The efficiency of the flush is potential for the reason that the water passes in the faucet from every side. Also, it guarantees a constant water movement.

Long Lasting Closure

The model structures a long-lasting closure which fights situations leading to drips for example, split, wear, as well as contraction.

Easy to Install

Installation of this component is not tough at all because it arises including the container & vessel detached.

Cavity between Container & Vessel

The single problem which you’re expected to meet is washing the toilet because it features a cavity amid the container & vessel. Also, this gap requires consistent washing to avoid the evolution of germs, fungus, as well as decay

What We Like

  •  Very easy to use
  •  Fairly graceful design as well as total measurements
  •  The height of toilet makes it easy for handicapped persons to sit down & stand up
  • The extended vessel presents specific additional area
  •  Exceptional mass flushing command
  • ADA obedient toilet

Don’t We Like

  • Short warranty
  • Seat is not included

6. Toto CST744EL#11 Drake bathroom – Hardware

Best Choice

Toto CST744EL#11

Toto doesn’t simply produce toilets for the sake of attractiveness however they contemplate the requirements of various consumers. The Toto Drake toilet is an accurate proof to that since it delivers relief to persons facing disabilities.  In addition, maximum grownups as well as handicapped persons might practice this toilet. The Toto Drake two-piece toilet is very much long-lasting & trendy.

Important Features

Available In Various Colors

There are a number of colors on presentation therefore; you may choose a color which counterparts your restroom color scheme.

Extended Vessel

In addition, the toilet includes an extended vessel that is perfect for dissimilar consumers such as it delivers sufficient sitting space.

Great Presentation

While it arises to presentation, you would relish how this toilet carries out at an extremely great level.

G-Max Flushing System

The G-max flushing system consumes just 1.6 gpf to eliminate substances in the vessel. Besides, as it comprises a three-inch extensive flush faucet as well as a big trap way, it pushes the substances with lots of strength preventing blockage. It eliminates the waste extra competently than the most costly usual toilets on sale.

Doesn’t Include Seat

On the other hand, this toilet doesn’t include a seat; therefore it would be an additional charge.

Difficult to Wash

Furthermore, washing the toilet is not stress-free since it comprises corners & cracks which require a detailed washing. Similar to maximum 2-piece toilets, you would have to wash it comprehensively at regular basis to uphold its shiny appearance.

Separate from that, it is a perfect toilet to mount in a community bathroom or your isolated restroom at home.

ADA Accommodating

It is ADA accommodating, supported by TOTO’s 12 months warranty.

What We Like

  • ADA obedient
  • Saves a lot of water
  • Robust manufacture
  • Comfortable to mount
  • Lenient Convenient seat
  • Obtainable in dissimilar colors
  • Powerful and fast G-Max flushing system

Don’t We Like

  • You require applying extra time to clean
  • Toilet seat is not included so you have to purchase it separately

7. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White toilet

THe White Toilet


Another best handicap toilet is Woodbridge T-0019 Cotton White. It has several progressive topographies like the previous selections.

Important Features

Easy to Sit and Stand

It has a reachable chair stature which creates sit down as well as stands up comfortable for maximum tall and handicapped grownups.

Gentle Closing Seat

Fitted out with a good quality, gentle closing seat (worked silently) with stainless steel tough seat joint.  It creates it convenient for you to take out the seat to stiffen the screws as well as wash.

Included Hand Tug

You can find an exclusive hand tug in the package for direct setting up besides jerking the screw in constricted places.

Drain Off Flushing System

The Woodbridge Cotton White toilet arises including a drain off flushing structure which means influential flushing. Moreover, it ensures less blocks, in addition a smaller amount of water waste. A small number of the consumers criticized that in the flushing system; water wasn’t constantly circulated and neglected a few spots at the hind part of the bowl. Except that, we didn’t find any imperfection in its elegance as we certainly did not anticipate everything to be picture-perfect.

Judicious Rate

The attractive style toilet functions as marketed and available at a judicious rate idea. It’s a bit costly matched to other choices; on the other hand, you’ll get a decent time aftermarket

What We Like

  •  Seat functions silently
  •  Chair elevated seat
  • Excellent manufacture
  • White texture
  • Five-year warranty
  • WaterSense licensed
  • A spotless, shiny appearance

Don’t We Like

  • In flushing system, water circulation is not consistent

Buying Guidelines

To purchase the best handicap toilet is not a tranquil task. It isn’t informal to shop around for the handicap toilet. Currently, you’ve understood what preferences are available; however, do you have carefully chosen a toilet up till now?

If it’s been a tussle to recognize which topographies you must consider, the purchasing concerns beneath would assist lighten the tussle.

Just have a look at particularly manageable purchasing deliberations.

Your Exceptional Requirements

Apparently, the experience of the inversely-abled is by no means monumental. As you hunt for a handicapped reachable toilet, the most significant aspect would be to search for somewhat which lodges your particular incapacity.

There must be somewhat out there for a varied collection of persons. On the other hand, for specific, it might appear that a huge extent of investigation would require. While a handicapped person requires getting onto the toilet from his/her wheelchair, there must be handgrips to grip on to when positioning their body in the correct location.

These toilet handgrips are indispensable later to get up from the toilet as well as move back into the wheelchair.

Cover Elevation

It is the chief aspect to deliberate if your goal is only to discover an artifact which would provide accommodations for disabled persons suffering from incapacities. The cover tallness defines how comfortable a toilet is to sit on. It furthermore, has a main impact on the general relief aspect of the toilet.

Masses Each Flush

The regular toilet consumes around three gallons of water for each flush. Not just it is evil for the atmosphere, however it’s as well evil for your water expense. A less-flow toilet might effortlessly cut this amount in half.

The lesser the “gallons for each flush” amount, the more cash you would protect in the long run. On the other hand, there are particular aspects to recognize regarding less flow toilets.

Firstly, they incline to have an upper truthful price. Also, to create problems eviler, numerous purchasers too protest that they don’t eliminate leftover as well.

The excellence of the flush faucet might impact the second aspect pointedly. Yet, it is correct that lesser flush water amounts would frequently have a tougher time eliminating dense rubbishes.

Double Flush

It might as well be very convenient to acquire a bit with a double flush nozzle. This article permits you to impact the quantity of water consumed grounded on what you expect to dispose of.  You might secure masses of water by consuming a watery waste function, whereas still having approach to a little bit extra command while you requisite it.

Setting Up

Certainly, the informal the setting up, the superior off you would be. It would make you astonished to learn that toilets are not problematic to set up. Even those having a too narrow expertise level would discover that a naturally intended component is easy to set up practicing some humble gears.

Still, you need to confirm that it is the matter before deciding your buying. Particular toilets are tougher to set up than others. Obviously, undertaking it yourself protects a major sum of money. Consequently it is a vital feature if you might develop it.

Seat less Toilet

Astonishingly, several toilets don’t arise including toilet seats. Obviously, purchasing your seat does enhance the price of the toilet slightly; however, most horrible of all, it as well leaves you in a troublesome hard work.

 If a handicap toilet you are anticipating does not include a cover, at minimum make sure that it would be cool to discover a reasonably priced, well-matched preference.

The company should supply you a list of well-matched constituents.


Best ADA toilets might have a price tag everywhere from $200 to 500 (also of course upscale components might considerably exceed it). Purchasers as well as a financial plan might, of course, decide for the maximum reasonable choice obtainable to them.

On the other hand, correspondingly recall that toilets subsidize to your prearranged bills. Consequently, it would your advantage to devote in somewhat naturally supportable.

Moreover, it should be great quality enough to necessitate too slight looking after. Summon up, the correct toilet might essentially wage for itself sooner or later.

Weight Proficiency

An additional feature of grave significance while in requirement of a handicap toilet is the mass capability the toilet might upkeep. This capability rests on the category of the toilet.

You would see bottom fixed platform style toilets as well as wall-fixed toilets that later might be separated into 1 & 2-piece models so far the thing of attention to you is how much weight it might support.

Bottom fixed toilets commonly arise including the maximum mass capacity, particular of them supporting up to 1000 pounds of stationary, perpendicular power.

Maximum models presented on the market, however, support 400 pounds to 500 pounds of perpendicular force. Even specific wall-fixed toilets might support 350 to 500 pounds if fitted properly. It is great to study the artifact specialties cautiously or even inquire the maker regarding this characteristic before going to purchase.


We’ve all come across toilets which are harshly loud previously. Although sound might not become the main thing which arises to mind while you anticipate this buying. Moreover, this is still somewhat you must ponder about, particularly if you are equipping a restroom which is close to your bedroom.

Since toilets are not auditory gears, they obviously do not continuously perform a perfect task of listing the certified stats on their productivity.

Still, particular would broadcast a noiseless design. Yet, you should at all times, have a gaze into the reviews.


Typical toilets pretty considerably have a material of porcelain; however, excellence might sort considerably from item to item. Vitrified porcelain inclines to be the title standard for the point that it is extremely resilient.

Luckily, all the same, toilets don’t practice a lot of wear & tear; therefore, you must choose for a low substantial if requisite.


If you’re concerned regarding the durability of your buying, search for component having a noble license. A 12 month warranty is attractively customary; however, if you search tough enough, you might discover preferences which range in advance. Particular might even take advantage from lifelong warranties.


Of course, for numerous, toilets aren’t only functional, they assist by way of a style aspect as well. There is an excess of dissimilar perceptions out there that defines there is no motive you must relax on somewhat you don’t adore.

Several of the preferences on our list arose in a range of dissimilar colors. Yet, you might correspondingly discover toilets in dissimilar forms as well as dimensions.

Why they need?

For particular persons, the toilet is a vital fragment of the house. Besides yet, not all makers prepare this main section of gear with the carefulness which you merit and have need of.

While you decide on a flushing toilet, you need to comprehend the requirements of all persons in your house. A toilet which is perfect for your tot might not be appropriate for your grandmother.

As the end result, it is important to recognize these requirements as well as choose a toilet which extremely outfits them. Moreover, handicapped persons naturally face a tough time practicing standard toilets.

So, consequently, the ADA act arose up including topographies which describe a perfect toilet for restricted or disabled persons.

If you’re residing with an older or a handicapped person, all you must do is to hunt for the finest and approachable toilet which encounters ADA conventions. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) plans restroom qualifications.

Besides, it includes toilet enterprise as well as setting up, to guarantee informal approach for all.

Those who are constructing a fresh house or want to modify an present restroom, an ADA-certified toilet is a well-intentioned deal. Maybe, you don’t want to do research for the products so, we’re going to share best toilet preferences and features to ponder before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA-compliant toilets are commonly 17 to 19 inches from ground to the seat. On the other hand, there might be elevated ones. One of the high toilets is from Convenient Height, it is 20 inches elevated, as well as a model from NOVA is up to 21 inches elevated

The least elevation compulsory, however, is 17 inches, whereas a standard one is 15 inches tall.

There is a massive difference concerning 1-piece & 2-piece toilet on which particular purchasers don’t pay consideration.

1-piece toilets are the most recent innovation, besides they are extra useful to practice than 2-piece toilets. To begin with, 1-piece toilets don’t comprise a breach amid the container & vessel. It creates washing complicated as well as raises fungus, mild, & germs.

Furthermore, 1-piece toilets are extra dense because the container & bowl is single component.

On the contrary, 2-piece toilets are perplexing to sanitary because filth as well as fungus might conceal in the breach amid the container & vessel. Yet, these toilets have extra fragments in case the container or vessel crashes. That is not the example with 1-piece toilets.

Different from regular toilets that are typically smaller as well as problematic to practice by larger persons. Moreover, people suffering from ill health too face difficulty to use these models.

Handicap toilets feature a tallness of 16, ½ or further. Their elevation lies among 16, ½, & 20-inches. These types of toilets are as well comfortable for immobilized and senior persons. For that reason, they are extremely suggested to practice in community washrooms.

This type of toilet comes across Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations as well as ANSI A117.1 necessities. It isn’t obligatory for private habitations to encounter ADA criteria.

On the other hand, inhabited fresh constructions as well as modifies might incorporate concepts into the ADA ethics as recommendations to improve the general functioning of the toilet. Private produces are compulsory to set up subsequent ADA values to uphold obedience.

Final Thoughts

Currently, that you’ve looked upon our best handicapped toilet reviews, it’s time to create a verdict. Which one of these options is going to become accurate for you?

Handicap toilets create life comfortable for disabled persons since they might comfortably approach them without tussle or danger.

Once getting through our top 7 best handicap toilets mentioned above, I confidence you’ve discovered the correct toilet. The toilets which we’ve itemized are not simply contented for handicapped persons, but they are as well tranquil to set up.

While selecting a handicap toilet, make sure that you acquire the accurate tallness for the disabled person because it is a toilet which they would practice for a too elongated while.

Furthermore, the toilet must feature an influential as well as competent flushing system for comfort of practice. Currently, you must have discovered the finest toilet for your restroom.

Separately from searching at the elevation of a toilet, you must as well deliberate features such as water consumption level, flushing structure, style, comfort of washing, as well as simplicity of setting up.

Besides, space is grave while selecting a toilet because you don’t wish the restricted person to suffer dangers while sitting and standing up from the toilet.

They carry out extremely fine, also are fashionable as well. Select the correct toilet and you would not need to purchase another toilet before long.

Note: If you need any query or have a thought, please state in comment box we are happy to acquire your considerations. 

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