Best Portable Composting Toilets in 2023

Most of the time it happens that when you are travelling or on a trip it’s very difficult to use a bathroom because there is not such an installation for the toilet. Here we will ask about the possible solutions? Obviously there is no way. But a portable composting toilet can be a best choice which meets your needs and demands.


It was the biggest problem especially for those who spend most of their time in travelling activities. Keep in view the above solution we came to know that there must be a possible and a good solution for the problem. So, we tested a number of portable toilets available in the market. All of those were differing based on their qualities and features. Below the article are the top 3 best portable composting toilets which are heat, RV and UV resistant and have longest warranty time.

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  1. Camco Portable Toilet 41541
  2. Thetford 92306 Porta Potti 550E Curveve
  3. Reliance Luggable Loo Portable

Top 3 Quality Based Portable Composting Toilets

1. Camco Portable Toilet 41541

Our Top Picks

Camco Portable Toilet 41541

If you need a toilet which is based on usage for RV, boats, travel and camping activities, Camco Portable Toilet 41541 is the excellent choice. Based on the perfect design, it’s made in the US due to which the quality becomes more important. 2.5 gallons flush is another feature which is considerable before buying a portable toilet so that you can meet your water requirements.

Sometimes it’s an efficient emergency option for all people. The material which is used during its construction enhances its importance.

Important Features

Two Tank Toilets

The astonishing and most important features which attract people are the two tanks which are enhancing its durability. One tank is used for the water and another for waste material to remove at the proper place. It eliminates the interaction of bacteria, viruses and fungi which can sometimes create bad smell and increase chances of the diseases.

Flushing tank can hold 2.6 gallons of water which is an optimum capacity which is a solution to hold more water. Based on the lid and seat, it performs a wonderful job to hold water and keep the toilet clean.

Wastage content on the other hand is useful for holding waste material for a long duration which can be removed later. It helps to avoid the bad odor creation and the end goal is to lessen the risks of diseases.

Easy to Port

The main quality which people look for buying a portable toilet is the transfer ability. Lighter the product, easy is to transfer from one place to another. Polyethylene is material which is used during the construction which makes the toilet lighter in weight. Another advantage is that it also eliminates the bacteria away by antibacterial activity. So, buy the toilet and get durable advantages.

Use of Handles

Handles are the way to make its usage very easy and according to one’s wish and requirement.  Specifically when you are in a hurry and can’t carry a heavy weight product, this handled and light weight product is always a good choice for you.

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What We Like

  • Easy to port
  • Light weight
  • Polyethylene metal
  • Easy to port from one place to another

Don’t We Like

  • Urine Bottles fills up early

2. Thetford 92306 Porta Potti 550E Curveve

Best Product

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curveve

Have the sanitary risks because the toilet you are using is creating a bad smell? Leave your toilet and use Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curveve which is an everlasting, good and a handsome choice with a number of features.

It’s made for RV, boats and trips when you have to spend long times outside of your home. It’s somehow expensive as compared to other products but when we look upon the features some dollars to spend on the product has no value.

Important Features

Elegant Design

With attractive design, the toilet is now getting more important because of the new features which it has. The importance of those includes the large size and heighted seat, large bowl and flush sizes. The design is made so that tall people can also use it with ease.

Easy to Use

The toilet is easy to clean because of handles which are used to handle it while usage and cleaning. The ergonomic style with a bacterial resistant surface is another reason enough to satisfy its customers. Paper holders and a tank level indicator are additional structures which add importance to the design

Large Capacity

With 50 plus water holding flush capacity, it’s a wonderful choice if you want to get for a long trip. You can use it for both the personal and the group usage. It can fulfill needs of a large family or a large group of people.

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What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Hold large water holding capacity
  • Large enough to meet needs of a large family

Don’t We Like

  • May eliminate the gas

3. Reliance Luggable Loo Portable

Top Rated Product

Reliance Luggable Loo Portable

With a use of bucket Reliance is an excellent product which is branded and famous for many years. Most professionals and those who are working under industries do recommend this toilet as their tops choice. The reason is its astonishing features which are not only making the product beautiful and ideal but enhance the warranty time.

The most positive and attractive fact about Reliance Luggable Loo Portable is the self sustained ability which enhances customers interest. With a plastic bag this bucket toilet wanders when it comes to know about the cleaning process.

Important Features

Water Holding Capacity

With 5 gallons of water holding capacity, the toilet is a remarkable product in history of flushing products. The capacity is enough that you can spend hours to days when you are working outside of the home. Total 20 litters gallons usage are enough to fill requirements of a group of people.


To buy a high price and portable toilet is the biggest problem for a number of people but Reliance is meeting your needs. Available at less rates, the toilet is selling in the market more than any other product. Low budget and more features is the main reason that everyone looks for.

Light Weight

The toilet is light in weight with 3Ibs only. Due to less weight, it’s dead easy to handle and above all it’s well reputed product of the US. Easy to port from one place to another, easy to carry at the travel and camping activities.

What We Like

  • Less price
  • Water and waste holding capacity is ideal
  • Easy to carry

Don’t We Like

  • May create foul

Buying Guides

Here are some facts and buying guides due to which you can check the availability and productivity of a toilet for your needs.


Size of a portable composting toilet is the biggest factor to consider so that you can port or handle it easily which is what people look for. A big toilet may create hurdles to handle and port so try to choose one which is large and ideal in size. Dimensions are other things to consider . so, be aware of the weight and water holding capacity to meet your needs in this regard.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is another option which needs our attention. Upon testing a large number of products we found that some of those were unable to dispose of waste in a proper way. So, waste disposal is another factor which is very important to consider. The easy is to remove waste, easy is to handle the toilet during traveling or long hours trips. Make this decision wisely and choose one which is easy to eliminate bacteria and waste.


Material is another factor which cannot be neglected. A stainless steel material body is easy to handle and make a toilet beautiful. The other reason is that it’s very ideal to remove waster and harmful bacteria. You can also choose others if a steeled toilet is not available.

Yes, these are available in Australia but the availability is limited to some areas only. If you are living in Australia and are unable to access it, you must ask your Government to provide this facility at your place.

No, these do not create a bad smell. There are very less chances for this.

Final Verdicts

Above is a complete and concise guide on how to choose the best portable composting toilet. If you still have confusion and want to ask a question, you are welcome. Fill the contact us form or comment below, we are here and appreciate your queries. Portable compost toilets are meeting the needs of people since many years. If you are in need of portable toilet for outdoor activities during a long travel or a camping meeting, you are recommended to buy the above product which we mentioned after a lot of analysis. All of these are heat and UV resistance which also prevent harmful diseases.

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