Best Portable Toilets for Truckers, 18 Wheelers & Semi Truck Drivers

It’s an era of advanced technology where a solution to every problem is possible easily. Similar is the case with those who travel for miles and are called truckers. The best portable toilet for truckers is one of the critical needs nowadays. We have reviewed the best toilets that can be your friend and essential luggage on the trip or travel. These can be fitted best on trains and trucks for permanent use.


Imagine that you are on the way to rumble and pan on your stomach due to high pressure; what’s the solution or the action you will perform? Yes, a fixed and portable toilet is an excellent choice ever. These may save your life, money, and time as these are available at a low price and are highly efficient in their work. Down the post, there is a complete review and a buying guide on what are factors that are necessary to look for the best trucker portable toilet.

Top 5 Portable Toilets for Truckers

Now is complete detail on the best portable toilets for a trucker which we have reviewed after much research and reviews by the people.

  1. Dometic 5 Gallon 301097606 970 Series
  2. Thetford 92856 Porta Potti 550P
  3. Camco 41541
  4. Reliance Products Luggable Loo
  5. Palm Springs 5 Gal

1Dometic 5 Gallon 301097606 970 Series

Amazon Choice

 Dometic 5 Gallon 301097606 970 Series

Most people are worried because they do not have enough space to follow and keep a toilet at their truck during traveling because of their portability and other possible outcomes. Do not worry, Dometic 5 Gallon 301097606 970 Series is the best choice that is ideal to use at trucks and trains.

Its design and functionality attract a lot of users no matter that it’s expensive. The reason is that its features always leave behind the price and versatile design.

Important Features

Latest Technology

The toilet with the usage of the latest technology has 970 series of portable toilets, which is an excellent feature adding many customers day by day. A powerful touch button with a flush set and an adult-sized seat is very comfortable to use during traveling. Available in two sizes enhance customers’ attention more than any standard toilet public in the market.

Small Size

Its small size is another reason to get the attraction of buyers. Dimensions of 13.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches and 14 inches of weight make this toilet the best remark of a trading event. Due to its small size, it’s the best fit for small vehicles, trucks. So, there is no need to worry about the ample space that needs to be to install a toilet. A small tank with a bathroom is another factor that makes it essential and attractive to buy.

Full-Sized Seat

A large seat that is very comfortable to use for all people, either tall or short. Most people believe that a portable toilet cannot meet their demands specifically for the traveling purpose, which is very not good at all. Once you purchase this toilet, you will appreciate your decision.

Pump Usage

It’s now easy to push and pull the toilet’s lid with a pump that uses less force to open and close it. So, it’s another way to adding comfort and value for a truck driver.

Here’s our composting portable toilets

What We Like

  •  Easy to install
  • Use less space
  • Odorless
  •  A tank for sanitary waste disposal

Don’t We Like

  • The battery life span is short

2. Thetford 92856 Porta Potti 550P

Amazon Choice

Thetford Porta Potti 550P

The model, with its beautiful and elegant design, is a reason which makes it possible to buy for everyone without interdependence of money value. With 4 gallons of water holding capacity, the model is a top-line to buy for many people in their daily life usage and especially for those who are working in trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

The piston with a kit makes the use very easy and comfortable, especially for elders who can’t use much force in opening and closing the lid.

Important Features

Large Bowl

Its large bowl is able enough that it is best to fit everyone, and there is no need to worry about breaking it due to optimum outcomes. The bowl is significant, due to which the chances of conducting or creating odor become very low.

Another benefit is that it also prevents the tank from leakage. The flushing process becomes straightforward due to the large bowl.

Tow Tanks

The bank consists of two tanks, due to which it becomes dead easy to make the toilet retain its quality, and hence the ultimate aim leads to prevent it from breaking and making it for a long time. One tank is for fresh water, and the other is for wastewater.

Tank Capacity

Tank capacity is 4 gallons which is very good in usage and make it fit for many people. Hence, there is no problem if there is a massive gathering of people.

What We Like

  • Large-sized bowl
  • Two tanks
  • Tank indicators for traveling

Don’t We Like

  • The battery span is short
  •  Expensive

3. Camco 41541

Amazon Choice

Camco 41541

It is a well-designed and highly efficient toilet which lets the drivers use it along with a long journey. It maintains a wide range of working for a long time and is essential luggage while camping and traveling activities.

If you are a truck driver and need a portable toilet during travel, Camco 41541 is an excellent choice with reasonable rates. The SeatSeatSeat and overall body are very smooth and highly comfortable to use.

Important Features

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the tank is a reason which makes it beautiful, with dimensions of 14 x 16 x 15.5 inches and a weight of 10.8 inches. Use high-quality material during construction makes it fit to use for a long time and enhances durability.


The toilet uses two tanks, and both have high efficiency-enhancing the usage for a long time. Once the efficiency is completed, you can clear the bowl and use it for a long time. 5.3 gallons capacity is enough to use and make fit for raveling purposes. You can change it upon reaching to next stop.

Full-Sized Seat

Seat is something that makes the toilet easy to use. Due to full-size seat, the large, heavy and tall people find it very. Hence, the matter of the heavyweight ended here.

What We Like

  •  Comfortable to use
  • Large-sized Seat
  •  Large size toilet

Don’t We Like

  • No replacement once any part is broken

4. Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon

There are many portable toilets on the internet that we can buy from different resources, but most do not provide good quality products.  Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon is the better choice on amazon that you can easily buy.

This toilet is a product of Reliance Controller Corporation, an 18 wheeler toilet that provides its products in the kitchen and bathroom category.

Important Features

Beautiful Design

The customers purchase such products that look beautiful and attractive; this toilet is designed with an elegant design that increases its impotence. This toilet has gray that makes it more appealing; it has a weight of 3.0 pounds that makes it easier to move and use

Economical Price

The best thing about this portable toilet is that it has a very affordable price to buy this product quickly. Even a commoner can also buy this product without facing any difficulty.

5-Gallon Capacity

The unique thing about this toilet is that it has maximum water capacity without facing any difficulty. It has a 5-gallon ability that means you can easily take 20 liters of water with you.

Great for Hunting

This toilet is specially designed for outings; you can take this portable toilet with you anywhere you want to go. You can take this when you go hunting, fishing, and for many other purposes.


They provide five years of warranty. If your toilet got any damage during this period, you could easily replace the defective with proof of purchase. You can change your product by showing the purchase proof.

What We Like

  • Easy to move
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean

Don’t We Like

  • Got damage due to overweight

5. Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet

Best Pick

Palm Springs 5 Gal

If you need a self-contained portable toilet, then we will introduce you to Palm Spring outdoor toilet. The toilet is a unique product of the Palm Springs that provides its products in the kitchen and bathroom category for many years.

In the next section, there are some important features which gets attracted by users.

Important Features

Full Size Seat

The best thing about this toilet is that it has a full-size seat; you can easily sit on this and use this without any difficulty. Although this is a mini toilet, its Seat makes him very attractive.

Water Capacity

The capacity of this toilet makes this very good in use, the power of the freshwater is 3 gallons, and it can hold the wastewater of the 5- gallons. If you are going for an outing, you cannot face any water problem with the toilet.

Elegant Design

This toilet has a unique and attractive design that makes it very popular among customers; it has a color of white silver that adds more beauty to it. It is made of unique plastic that makes it long-lasting and robust.

Lightweight and Compact

This toilet has very lightweight that makes it easier to use and move everywhere. You can take this toilet with you if you want to go for any picnic or any outing.

Leaked Proof Tanks

The best thing about this product is that it has leaked proof that the quality of this toilet makes it very attractive to customers. If you take this with yourself for hunting or fishing, you can use this without facing any hesitation.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to buy
  • Elegant design

Don’t We Like

  • No cons at all

Buying Guide

Although we provided a complete review on toilets for truckers, some people are still confused about buying a bathroom. Do not worry; we have provided a comprehensive buying guide and the necessary factors to look after.


The first factor to look at is the material which must be of high quality. In the market, millions of brands are available, but the best is significantly less. We recommend choosing a toilet that s made of stainless steel, which is metal-free of breaking actives and keeps the bacteria and other harmful substances away from the bathroom.


It is the main factor which is needed for portable trucker toilet. The light is the weight, easy is to handle. So, keep in mind about the more miniature weight toilet, which is easy to port from place to place.


Another factor to look into your mind is the price. Never think that a high-priced product is always a good choice. But do not compromise the price over quality. You can buy by keeping in mind all features that are fulfilling your need.


Yes, most of the 18 wheelers have a bathroom in their vehicles, and they should use the above brands to install and place.

Final Verdicts

Above is a complete review and buying guide on the best portable toilets for truckers available in the market. These are performing an excellent job. If you still need any help, you are free to ask any time. These brands are trying more to reach their destination. We have provided the comparison at the top of the post; you can check for your better understanding. Keep in touch with us for more information.

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