Best Toilet Brands: [TOP #15] Best Manufacturers In The Industry

Due to a lot of toilet brands all around the world, it is not easy to choose the best one. There is a long list of toilet brands with flushing guides but selecting an ideal and affordable brand with all acquired characteristics is not easy. Furthermore, modern technologies revert people’s minds to choose the best product. So, here in this post, we provided the best toilet brands of 2023, which are affordable, durable, and flexible to use. From a child to an older man, everyone can use it easily because of their comfort ability.

Best Toilet Brands

Let’s now have a loon on these brands one by one!

Toilet Brands List

Here is now list and a complete detail of best toilet brands!

  • American Standard
  • TOTO
  •  Kohler
  • Duravit
  • Saniflo
  • Sterling
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gerber
  • Eago
  • Cotto
  • Niagra Conservative
  • Woodbridge
  • Swiss Madison
  • Zurn

1.  American Standard

American Standard H2Option

American Standard Yorkville

With more than 140 years of remarkable history, the American Standard is a top toilet brand that serves in the case of the toilet and for the kitchen and other industries.

The most effective and attractive point about this toilet is that it saves 70% water due to high flushing power, 1.6 GPF for the minimum.

The most essential and attractive point of this toilet is that it is budget-friendly and ranked among the best flushing toilet brands. It never catch clogs on its surface, which is a common complaint about many other brands by users.

The design comes with both single-piece toilet and double-piece designs, which attracts users’ attention. Moreover, these are self-cleaning toilet brands that makes you free of worrying about a bathroom daily.


TOTO G500 Washlet


Toto is another versatile and excellent brand made by Japanese toilet manufacturers. This brand does not only offer toilets but also offer sinks and other products. It was created in 1917 and provides the best and latest toilets from that time until now. At the time of its construction, it had branches in 7 different countries but now is reputed worldwide.

One of the innovative toilets has an advanced button press technology to turn the whole lid on and off.

Besides this button press technology, it has different designs of flushes, including single-piece, double piece, and well hung. It also has a washlet and seats, which aims to provide self-cleaning aims.

Although it is an expensive brand, if someone sees the features, he will forget all other brands and their high price.

3. Kohler

American Standard H2Option

American Standard Yorkville

With cutting edge technologies, Kohler is a versatile brand that is more than 100 years old. With modern design and an excellent cleaning environment, this brand is getting more important day by day.

Its essential feature is the self-flushing and powerful flushing performance, which offers the self-cleaning ability and does not consume as much water as other toilets. Hence, at the same time, it saves energy, time, and money.

If we talk about the design, it is available in wide ranges, including single-piece, double piece, elongated and rounded designs. Its average height makes it comfortable and smooth to use for all ages of people. Furthermore, it’s also available in wall hung technology which aims is now more convenient for small places and at the instant flushing water demands.

4. Duravit

If you need a wall-mounted, rimless, or best flushing toilet brand, then Duravit could be your best choice. Furthermore, it is one of top rated toilets. With powerful flushing technologies and affordable rates, it’s getting important day by day. Mostly, these are wall flushing and wall hung toilets with self-cleaning and self-flushing technology. They use less water and energy to clean regularly. Moreover, you don’t need to pour any chemicals, but water can only meet the flushing and cleaning needs.

With self-closing and soft seat this toilet is famous among those who are old ages and have heavyweight. Although its lid and seat are lightweight, they can handle the significant weight and heavy bodies. Its headquarters automatically shut down after usage.

5. Saniflo

Saniflo toilet is all about SFA technology and was made in 1957. Based on this technology, it is named an up flushing toilet or macerating toilet.

Its important Features includes installing it anywhere at any place, and you don’t need to call a plumber or professional to install it. But you may need some pieces of pipes to make it fit at a specific place.

Suppose you want to install a permanent toilet, then the saniflo brand is your primary need. These toilets are durable and have the highest ability to work for a long time. Furthermore, it works best whether you’re installing it at a residential place or a commercial area. It never creates foul-smelling and other issues, as many other brands make problematic issues.

6. Sterling

It is another fantastic and well-reputed brand due to many reasons besides having an excellent flush. It was made in 1907 and fell in the same category as the Kohler brand but has some differences, which we mentioned in the top list of best brand toiles. 

It is available in different colors and shapes, including elongated to rounded. Furthermore, its wide variety of colors attracts people to buy and install this toilet as an essential part of their home and bathroom. It is durable and is not costly but comes in very affordable ranges.

7. Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi brand was founded in 1950. It is one of the best flushing toilet brands that come in the market with many features, including durability and shiny appearance. Its flushing power has made this product to use for hydrotherapy. 

Its availability in each color makes it worthwhile to know about matching the color at your home and bathroom colors. Their high performance and highest efficiency make them self-cleaning its flushing performance makes it fit for a long time for all types of people. Its dual flush features and a very comfortable bowl are other reasons making this as best brand. One-piece and dual flush all in one make it essential and increase its comfortability such that all ages people can find it very comfortable. 

8. Gerber

Gerber is an award-winning toilet brand which comes in the world since 1932. With high flushing technologies and various designs, this brand has extra features than many other standard and traditional brands. 

It is available as a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, single-piece, double-piece, single flush, and dual flush category. Hence, you can select anyone’s of these based on your small place or bathroom type. 

Due to their advanced technologies and dual flush Siphon jets. It has three dual flush valves and a primary valve for Quality fluid from the tank to the outer side.

Also, Gerber is the first brand that introduced water sense certification and proved that it’s functional and allowed to use in any country. All its products have GPM rates between 1.6 to 3, which is its outstanding features and is a primary reason attracting many users to install. 

9. Eago

Eago is the most popular brand, which was made in 2002 and have sleek and compact design. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the space to install our favorite brand. Furthermore, eago toilet company not only introduced toilets, but they also introduced all other products that make your home shiny and clean, including sink and faucets. 

Eargo has a soft cleaning brand that does not create even a little sound. It is an environment-friendly bathroom that has self-cleaning and self-flushing power. It saves water and energy. 

Another essential feature of this brand is its cutting-edge technology, making it shiny and easy to clean regularly. Furthermore, it has five years of warranty with parts, and hence it’s useful for long term flushing bathroom. 

10. Cotto

Cotto is an excellent brand that most people do not know, but its unique features and cutting-edge technologies urge it to mention in the top list of brands. It is recommended by plumbers to install and use in daily routine.

It is available in different designs and flushing powers with a complete guide on the precautions. Cotto has an attractive method due to which your bathroom gives a beautiful and professional look. Moreover, if you are researching a toilet where you don’t need to worry about much space because you have fewer spaces, this brand is recommended by us. Furthermore, its rounded and elongated bowl options will make you happy while using and cleaning it. 

Note: Cotto is the biggest manufacturer in Thailand and is a leading brand when someone names sanitary products. 

11. Niagra Conservative

Introduced in 2009, this is included in the list of green and good sanitary products. It has cutting-edge technologies and a sleek design. Its flushing power is more than 0.8 GPM. Its silent flushing power and quite a comfortable seat have no chance to produce noise. 

Its low-profile body is enough to produce high flushing powers. Made of ceramic material, it creates a shiny look and saves 80% of water all over the year. Henceforth, overall it holds around 15 600 gallons of water. It also lowers down your sewage costs. Hence, if you don’t have enough money and want to buy a toilet brand that meets your temporary flushing and bathroom needs, this Nigra conservative should be your first choice. 

12. Woodbridge

It is another latest and advanced toilet brand that came into the industry in 2005 as one of the biggest manufacturers in the flushing industry. If someone asks about who makes the best toilets, our answer would include this company in the list.

Woodbridge has the highest efficiency and durability with the longest warranty time. With unique design and an attractive look, it catches readers’ attention. Its dual flush elongated toilet and comfortable seat are other features that make it the best and comfortable to install. Availability in different designs, including round, long, and square shapes, are other features that make this best in top brands.


13. Swiss Madison

Based on their name, these are not well known due to late market coming. But still, it has made a good reputation in the industry. Its modern and sleek design helps to make your bathroom beautiful and professional overall. Furthermore, it is affordable and is included in the list of top-selling products in 2023. Here are some other features that are making it more reputable.

Trap-way design, different colors, and a beautiful look are the highest rated features in this brand. Available in two piece bowl, one-piece bowl, rounded shape, and elongated shape is more popular features. Its slimline tank is an attractive and comfortable seat, making it best among all aged people, including children, young and old.


If you need fabulous and luxurious toilet brands, this ANZZI is recommended by our experts. Its design shows the work of architectures and designers who have added a lot of functions and features to this small but attractive toilet. ANZZI is now making other sanitary products as well. It is a SPA-certified brand that shows its authenticity and smoothness to install anywhere without fear of pollution. ANZZI is an environmentally friendly toilet that does not create horrible smells or damage to your bathroom floor due to a lousy flushing system. But with a high-powered and efficient flushing system, it is a self-cleaning product where you don’t need to worry about daily cleaning activities.

The ODIN series toilets list is a WaterSense certified machine with dual flushing power and many other designs. Its highest performance and efficient flushing makes it durable and increase warranty time without losing any quality. You can buy in any color as per your overall bathroom or home color.

15. Zurn

Zurn is another excellent toilet brand made by a company named Milwaukee, Wisconsin serving for many years in the field of the toilet and other sanitary industries. It is designed in such a way that saving 31% of water and also indirectly saves the energy bills. With 1.6 GPM of flushing power, you can easily hang it on a wall or mount it anywhere you find it comfortable to use.

It is the best pressure-assisted toilet with self-cleaning power, and the latest technology makes it easy to clean.  Furthermore, it is an Ada compliment toilet, making this toilet a comprehensive brand among top toilet brands.

Whether you want a dual-piece design or a single-piece design, this toilet is always here to be according to your needs. Yes, its availability in different formats makes it an ideal brand among professionals.

Talking about the design, it is made of stainless steel material due which shines for a long time without any effectiveness. You can install it at any place, i.e., at the hospital, home, office, industries, and any outside area where you need a toilet for permanent time.

Points You Should Consider While Buying any Toilet.

Here are some points you should consider while buying toilets for your daily needs or outdoor activity.

Type of Toilet

The first and foremost need is to see whether a toilet is dual flush or single flush and then choose the one that best fits your needs. On a similar hand, there are single-piece toilets and double-piece toilets.


The next thing to see is the installation to select the best toilet brand. Firstly, know where you want to install a toilet and then choose to depend upon the space. The reason is that there are some toilets which are easy to mount on the wall and some toilets need a specific place to install them.

Flushing Noise

There are some toilets which make noise during flush but on the similar handsome bathrooms are quiet. We recommend choosing the one which doesn’t create any noise as it could be an adverse effect especially for the old ages people who the noise may easily feed up. However, if a toilet is durable and has the best features except for the noise-creating part, then we recommend buying that toilet.

Easy to Clean

Another critical point of consideration is that it should be easy to clean. Firstly, see a self-cleaning toilet, but if you don’t find enough, see for the one that is at least easy to clean by using some chemicals and home remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the toilet brands we gave above are reliable, trusted, and have the longest warranty time. And they save water and energy due to their self-cleaning-based functions. However, for closer review, we suggest Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard brands. These three brands have a more comfortable design and other features. But keep in mind that all the brands we review above are top and have the highest rating at different marketplaces, including Amazon.

Both of the toilets are the same with the same functions but different in design. However, one-piece toilet is expensive but easy to install. 2 piece toilet is not the easiest to install and is affordable.

Final Verdicts

Above are the best toilet brands that we reviewed and mentioned based on our experience and test. Read all with their features and carefully choose the best one of your needs.  All the brands are versatile and have a compact design, but when it comes to now about the most extended warranty time than Kohler, TOTO, and American standards brands are recommended by our editors and professionals. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime; we would love to solve your queries.

Note: don’t mess up with many best brands, but read them all carefully and pick the one based on your needs, not worrying about the price.  

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