Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Which is Better? [Pros, Cons & Comparison]


Choosing a specific type of toilet is a complicated task, and not everyone can pick the right product. It’s no more hurting to buy a product and then find that it’s not according to your wish and requirements. So, keep in mind about buying a toilet that is best enough to perform your basic tasks. Elongated vs. round toilet is one of the most debating and frequently asked questions which determine how to choose a toilet according to your need.

Here down in this post, we have provided complete instruction on the difference between elongated and round toilets so that it’s easy for everyone to pick one from both. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet

Difference between Elongated And Round Toilet

It’s not easy to determine the difference between elongated and rounded toilets because both of these are available in different designs, colors, and styles. However, some factors provide us an easy way to measure this difference without any worry. Let’s learn and see one by one!


The first difference between both of these toilets is the size which is a measurable quantity. So if you have a question about what is an elongated toilet, read this section. An elongated toilet is more elongated, near 2 inches, and has an average length of 1.85 inches. But the round toilet has a less elongated size with 1.65 inches an average size. The elongated toilet is big and has more dimensions than a rounded toilet.


Elongated vs. round toilet seat is another factor to measure the difference between both of these toilets. An elongated toilet has an elongated shape just like the shape of a bowl, but a rounded toilet has a rounded seat. On the other hand, if you want to use or replace the seat of both, you can not replace an elongated toilet seat with around one. But round one can be replaced with the elongated one with specific dimensions if they meet requirements.

Space Capacity

A rounded toilet always holds less space than an elongated toilet. So, if you have a bathroom that does not have enough space, we recommend using a rounded toilet. But if you have a handsome amount of space, then go for the elongated toilet. Most people think in recent years that both of these hold the same space, but after the young and advanced manufacturers, they found that an elongated toilet holds a bit large space than a round one. But it depends upon your need. Round one is the choice when you have a small family, but an elongated toilet is the top recommendation for the large family with the child.

Flushing Performance

Our experiments show that a rounded toilet has the highest flushing power than an elongated power if we talk about flushing power. The reason is that the elongated toilet is small in size but holds flushing power in large numbers. It offers more gallons per minute than an elongated toilet. So, if you want to hold a toilet which provides fast working, around the toilet is the best selection.


Our experimentation shows that elongated toilets cost more due to high and famous brands. These brands use more quality-based constructions in designing process ideas. Rounded toilets are also well in their design. On the other hand, if we talk about the installation cost, then plumbers demand the same cost for both. 

Easy of Cleaning Activity

Round toilets are specifically designed and used in the old days and called traditional toilets. But elongated toilets are modern and have more value with extra features. Most people do like to install elongated ones nowadays. But those who are old do recommend using rounded toilets. 

Easy of Cleaning Activity


When it comes to knowing about comfort, then both toilets get a lot of attention. Both of these are comfortable, but elongated ones provide extra features and comfort. It’s the reason that modern people and young children wish to install an elongated toilet in their homes. However, you can choose according to your wish and need. 

Rounded Toilet Pros and Cons


  • Good for small space
  • Ideal to use for kids
  • Budget-friendly toilets
  • Easy to install


  • Not comfortable for olds ones
  •  Traditions design

Elongated Toilets Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable for adults
  • Unique and modern design
  • Easy to clean


  • Less comfortable
  • Expansive than rounded toilets


Yes, you can replace an elongated toilet with a round toilet, but specific considerations are needed to follow for this purpose. Keep in mind space and some other factors which do help to measure specifications.

To know about the type of your toilet, look at the length and the inches we provided in the previous section. If it ‘s 1.86 and above inches in length, it’s an elongated toilet. On the other hand, if it’s 1.65 inches, your toilet is then rounded.

Final Verdicts

Although it’s very tough to determine which toilet is best for you according to a specific type, your need, and budget, the above is complete and concise. On the other hand, if you want to replace any one of these with seats, you can make some specific considerations if they meet. The significant difference is only in the design and size; all other credentials may be the same on average.

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