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Toilets are one of the essential components of every home and other outdoor place. It’s somehow tricky to know about How Much Does a Toilet Weigh? Several factors determine its weight. It can’t depend on a single factor. But before buying a toilet, you must know about the weight of a toilet so that you can manage it accordingly upon any resistance or hurdle after installation.

This article will detail how heavy a toilet is and what is best for you, depending upon the weight. Most people ask questions that why it’s essential to know the weight of a toilet? It’s essential so that you can determine how much your floor can grab and hold weight. Moreover, it also helps you to analyze the place where you want to fit.

Weight of A Toilet According to their Type

Let’s know determine the weight of the toilet according to the type and design of each so that you may select one which is the best fit for you.

Average Weight of Two-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are those with extra energy and flush rather than a one-piece toilet. It’s essential, and these are not much heavy but can carry the weight of a heavy person and can’t break your flush already installed. It consists of 2 components and each of the components work in a better way. The tank and bowl are separate and weigh more in this way.

On average, the weight of a two-piece toilet is 70 pounds to 100 pounds. It can be for any value between these two values. Some have 60 pounds of weight, but more than 70 pounds is recommended for a two-piece toilet because it needs weight to maintain itself. More weight can make it usable for alone time and without breaking issues.

Components of the toilet make the weight of the overall toilet. Two components are primary, which are bowl and tank. The bowl’s weight is 50-60 pounds, and the weight of the tank is 30-40 pounds. Both of these work and make the overall toilet a perfect choice for all people, especially those who worry about breaking or leaking a toilet. A

Average Weight of A One Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are more popular than two-piece toilets. The reason is that these are easy to install, hold, and replace. These are more beautiful in design, and their design provides a handsome look to your bathroom. The tank and toilet are considered and attached as a single product. There are no additional requirements and energy to consume the sand. You need to buy and install it.

If we talk about the average weight of one piece of the toilet, it seems to be only 60 pounds for minimum and 120 pounds for maximum. Now the people will ask why this one-piece toilet weighed more? The reason is that it uses high-quality and heavy metals during its construction. The end goal is to make the toilet heavy and strengthened to be used for a long time. Due to the attractive features and weight that we described in the previous post, attract users every day.

Weight of A Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are those which are used at homes usually. These are not recommended to use for office or outdoor usage. There is the use of an extra tank behind a wall just next to the toilet. All waste material is thrown into that tank. The frame is mounted on the wall at an inside place, enhancing the weight and making the product durable. The weight of a wall-hung toilet is 50 pounds for minimum and 80 pounds for maximum. The reason to prevent usage at the outdoor place is a separate tank which is very irritated to clean after its use. You can clean it at home easily but not at the outdoor and office places.

Weight of A Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are those which are easy to use at home and outdoor places. These are specifically made for outdoor usage at the picnic and other places on a trip or travel. These are now an essential need because you can’t wait to go to your home while you need a toilet. Due to their usage and facility to port, these are lighter in weight than other standard toilets. On average, they are 10-15 pounds of weight and are dead easy to use and port from place to place. You can even use them during travel or in a truck or train.

Things that contribute to the weight of a Toilet

Some several components and elements are contributing to the overall weight of a toilet. These areas:


Material is the first essential factor to consider while you are checking the weight of a toilet. It’s essential to consider while you are buying a toilet. It can be made of stainless steel or another substance like clay. Stainless steel material is heavier than others, including clay. On the other hand, it not only enhances the weight but enhances its beauty and durability.


Style is another fact which adds estimation to the weight of the toilet. For example, a two-piece toilet is heavier than a single-piece toilet. A portable toilet is lighter than a fixed toilet.


Extras are another astonishing element that are highlighting the weight of a toilet. Many of the toilets use some extras which are possible to see and which are essential to note. An extra sink even can increase the toilet’s weight. You can buy any that fits your needs and demands.

How much is a standard toilet?

The standard weight of a toilet depends upon size. However, on average, it can be 70 pounds.

Final Verdicts

Above are some points about the weight of a toilet and the factors that depend on the weight of a toilet. The toilets which weigh more are durable as compared to those which weigh for less. However, it’s not always an endpoint. The designers are trying more to enhance and construct a lot of advanced designed and lightweight toilets. Moreover, if you need any further information, you can contact us any time. We are for you to appreciate your questions.

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