How to Clean Toilet – Expert’s Tips for Washing Toilet Properly

How to clean toilets is a debate among those who own a bathroom in their homes and offices. It is not a challenging task but is delayed as everyone is not free enough to clean it daily or adequately take care of it. In this post, we mentioned some of the cleaning ways for a toilet, which is easy and helps remove bacteria, viruses, and other harmful chemicals.

So, let’s learn about the best way to clean a toilet and some toilet cleaning tips.

Although the primary method of cleaning a toilet is very similar as you need to draw some chemicals, use a toilet brush, and then wash with water, there are some ways where you need to put some extra attention to make your toilet clean its new. 

How to Clean Toilet

Points You Need to Consider in Mind

Here are some points which you need to consider before cleaning a toilet. 

  • Don’t mix the bleach and spray, as it may make bad spots on the toilet surface. 
  • Always wear gloves when you are ready to clean a toilet.
  • While implementing a cleaner or any other chemical you want to use, ensure that you have worn the eyes protection. The reason is that these chemicals or detergents have some amount of bleach and other chemicals that are not good for open eyes.

1.  Quick Cleaning

Quick cleaning is the method which most people at their homes. It is easy to implement because almost all of the tools and products needed to clean toilets are available at your home quickly. Follows are some essential steps for quick cleaning of toilets. 

2.  Arranging Essential Tools

Some essential tools used in this method are given in this section. All of these are available at your home, so it’s easy to gather these tools anytime, depending upon your need. 

  • A toilet brush
  • An old toothbrush
  • A towel or any other cotton cloth
  • A toilet cleaner/sprayer
  • Gloves

These all tools and things are necessary to start this procedure. Keep remembering to buy gloves and try to buy with different colors that you used for your routine. Washroom and toilet cleaners are readily available at any outdoor step. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can make it yourself by adding one piece of soap equal to one teaspoon in one glass of water. (This quantity may be different depending upon your toilet size)

3.  Scrubbing the toilet

After gathering these tools, the next step is to scrub the toilet bowl using toilet cleaner and brush. Put cleaner of toilet surface and use the brush to clean on it. In this way, all the particles and dirty water, including harmful microorganisms, get removed from the upper surface. Make sure that you wear your gloves while starting this process properly. Furthermore, you can put some more cleanly based upon the need and wish and if you feel that a small quantity of cleaner is not enough for cleaning. 

4.  Cleaning Inner Parts

The next step is to clean the lids and inner parts of the toilet by using an old toothbrush. A toothbrush is easy to enter into the top and inside spaces of cover and bathroom, including flush. So, take a brush and rub the inside surfaces slowly by putting cleaner wither on the meeting itself, or you can put clearer directly into the inside spaces by using some source. In this way, it is easy to remove spots available between the toilet lid and its surfer; It also releases chemicals and dirty substances from the toilet hinges. 

5.  Wipe Away by Using Cleaner Sprayer

Now the next step is to wipe away the toilet’s surface by using cleaner and sprayer. This is an easy step, and most people love to do this. Take a sprayer bottle and put some cleaner inside. Now take mist the cleaner on the toilet surface and clean it by using a towel or an old but smooth piece of cloth. 

Make sure that you clean all the areas on the outside and inside of the toilet. Don’t go for a rush but complete this process satisfactorily. 

6.  Flush with Water

The next step is to flush the water with tap water quickly. It will remove all nasty chemicals and harmful chemicals from the surface of the toilet soon. Use open tap water instead of bottled water or any other product you use for using the bathroom. Using a tissue or a neat piece of cloth is recommended during this procedure. 

Final Note: this is a straightforward process that most people like you can complete within a few minutes without any hurdle. In the end, remove gloves from your hand and clean them using soap or specific detergent. Wash your hands with handwashing soap or hand wash chemicals. 

Deep Cleaning

Another important and recommended way to clean a toilet is using this deep method where some specific things are used to clean it. It is easy but requires some time as compared to the quick cleaning. Furthermore, it is best way to clean a toilet. Let’s discuss it now! 

Deep Cleaning

1.  Wipe the Toilet Surface with Sponge

It is easy to implement. Just take a piece of sponge and wipe it down on the toilet by using hot water. Hot water will remove harmful chemicals and other bacteria from its surface up to the maximum level. You can also wash the lid, inner parts, and many other substances using this procedure. 

Note: Make sure that you wore the gloves while using this process.

2.  Use Toilet Cleaner

The next step is to use toilet cleaner on the upper and lower surface of the toilet. Implement this cleaner deeply on the surface and the lid corners as well. Furthermore, you can apply a cleaner wherever you think that it requires more. The toilet cleaner should carefully wash all the corners, inner damps, and outer surface. 

3.  Scrub it with Toilet Brush

The next step is to scrub the toilet with a toilet brush. Wear your gloves, hold the meeting, and put it on inside of the toilet surfaces without any external distraction. This is the most straightforward process in this procedure that determines the cleaning rate of your toilet in actuality. So, slowly but carefully implement brush on the bathroom, its lids, inner surface, and outer surface. 

4.     Flush the Toilet

This is the last step in this procedure. Pore open water of tap water on the toilet and make sure that water reaches all inner corners. 

5.  Clean the External Parts

In this step, you need to clean the external parts, including the handle, tap, and everything you have near it, by repeating the above steps. 

Hence, it is deep method of washing toilet which is easy to implement and is authentic to use.

Note: You can repeat the same procedure if you want to make your toilet extra clean and shining.

Want to Clean Toilet Tank and Seat?

Are you curious to learn more about how to clean the toilet tank and seat? Well, here we provided complete information. Here is the procedure to clean the toilet tank and seat:

  1. Apply a toilet cleaner in the form of spray on the tank and seat carefully without leaving any part empty
  2. Now take a sponge and clean it slowly with your hands (wear your hand gloves)
  3. Now wash tank and seat with open water; in this way, all chemicals and microorganisms are removed


How do I remove brown stains from the toilet bowl?

It is easy to clean brown stains from the toilet bowl. Just take 1 or 2 cups of vinegar and put some amount of baking soda in it. Now mix it with a stirrer or any other support. Put the solution on the toilet bowl gently and let wait for 15 minutes. Clean your toilet bowl by using a brush and water.

Do Coke clean toilets?

Yes, as Coke is a fizzy drink, any fizzy drink can remove hard stains from the toilet. It makes the bathroom shiny and free of bacteria and harmful chemicals.

Can you use toilet bowl cleaner without scrubbing?

Yes, you can use toilet bowl cleaner without scrubbing if you have a smooth piece of cloth or any other element. 

Final Verdicts

Above are some procedures and tips about how to clean the toilet. All the methods we gave above are easy to implement. Some of the people also ask about how to clean toilet bowl, the procedure is same as we mentioned above for toilet tank and its seat. And if you want to clean outside of the toilet, the procedure is again same.

Furthermore, there is no need to buy or search for any extra element, which is hard to find. All the instruments are available at your home quickly. So, follow the above steps and tips carefully and make your toilet as clean as it’s new. For more information, keep reading our latest blogs.

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