How to Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

Cleaning and unclogging your bathroom is one of the most irritating tasks because people usually don’t like to do this. Furthermore, there are some ways to unclog a toilet using a plunger, but people don’t want to use a plunger. So, down in this post, we provide a complete guide on how to unclog a toilet without a plunger in the easiest and fantastic ways. 

So, here are some ways to find a trusted plunger, and you can do it on your own. Let’s start the procedure without waiting for more about unblocking the toilet without a plunger.

How to Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

How to Unclog a Toilet Without A Plunger Fast- Some Important Ways

1.  Drain Cleaning

It is the most efficient and easy way to fix a clogged toilet without a plunger. Drain cleaners are available in the market, which works precisely to unclog your toilet without any hurdle. These are easy to implement. A drain cleaner is not recommended because it damages your bathroom and may cause harmful effects on human health, especially to allergic patients.

However, don’t worry if you mix it with bleach or powdered soap, then it’s straightforward to clean and unclog your toilet without any damage to your health. You can also mix it with any detergent available at your home. For this sake, pour all the drain cleaning mixture on the toilet surface and the clogged place, then use a brush on it and flush it with open water. 

Hence, drain cleaning is an easy and helpful way to unclog your toilet and make it clear just as it is new. 

2.  Plain the Hot Water

It is another easy and enjoyable process that is recommended after drain cleaning. You don’t need to buy or go for anything here, but some water and a bucket are all about this procedure. Take some hot water that is not in boiling the stage but is hot enough that its movement breaks down the clogs, and hence, it’s easy for you to get rid of the clogs. 

Please fill up the toilet with hot water and allow it to move on the toilet surface. By the movement of hot water in the bathroom, clogs on the bathroom are automatically removed.

3.  Dish Soap

To solve the toilet plugged no plunger issue, you can try dish soap, which is exciting and fabulous. If you feel the above two methods are unsecured or still if you have the presence of clogs in your toilet after following the above methods, the following process is to use dish soap.

Dish soap has a combination of grease and grime, making it easy to remove all unwanted particles from the toilet besides only clogs. Furthermore, it takes only 30 minutes to make a bathroom clear and clean of clogs as its new. 

It’s easy to use dish soap and is similar to hot water usage. Pour and fill your toilet with dish soap, and then allow it to move entirely on the surface of the bathroom. Flush your toilet with open water to remove all dish soap, dust, and other unwanted particles. 

4. Using Epsom Salt

Another great way to remove clogs from the toilet is Epsom salt, which is very easy to use. Imagine if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to hot water  to buy dish soap.

What’s the strategy you will follow in this case? Yes, find Epsom salt, mix it with water and pour it on the toilet. Similarly, you can put Epsom salt first and then use water and brush to clean the bathroom. It helps to break all types of clogs and efficiently clean your toilet. 

5.  Using Wire Hanger

A wire hanger is the most helpful element to unclog a toilet, even if it’s near to be a part of waste material at your home or a spare thing at your home. Take it and make it straighten with the force of hands such that both of the edges are needle-like. Now tight it with one end of any pipe or long sticks. 

Now move this whole product into the toilet and hold where you see clogs. Hold these clogs with the hanger’s end until you find it easy to catch the clog and through it out of the toilet.

6.  Using Backing Soda or Vinegar

Using soda and vinegar is another essential and versatile way to unclog your toilet very quickly. Furthermore, it is easy to implement. Take a cup of baking soda and pour it on the surface of the bathroom. Allow it to stand for some time, i.e., for a few minutes.

Now take 2 cups of vinegar and then pour it on the surface of the toilet and disperse it on the surface of the bathroom wisely. With the help of vinegar, all the clogs will break out. In the end, flush the toilet with warm water. 

7.  Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is another important and excellent way to make your toilet clean and free of clogs. Enter this brush into the hole of the bathroom and drive back and forth movements. It is straightforward to use a toilet brush, and it is at least the most affordable element you can use if you are worried about the highest money to unclog a toilet. 

Final Verdicts

Above is a complete way on how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. All these ways are easy to implement and don’t require much force. Still, if you are confused about it and unable to unclog the toilet although you implement all ways call a plumber. It is the last option as a plumber or a professional can understand and solve this problem quickly. For further information about the toilets brand and cleaning process, keep reading our latest blogs. 

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