11 Types of Toilets, Styles for Your Bathroom (A Complete Guide)

Buying an online toilet may be a matter of surprise for you. The reason is that it’s not easy to choose a bathroom as there are a lot of options to choose from and make a toilet perfect for you. The reason is that many types are depending upon their size, shape, and work. Moreover, dual-piece and single-piece flush are other options to choose from. So, while buying a toilet, you may consider one of the important points: types of toilets.

Most people get confused even when they go to buy a toilet using an online resource. They never know about the types and their functions. The guide we provided below for each type of toilet with its function is enough to guide you on the right track. If you are ready to go to an outside market or use an online platform, you must read this guide before purchasing your toilet.

types of toilet

Types of Toilet

Here are some well reputed and different types of toilets that depend upon toilet bowl types, styles of toilets, and types of toilet system.

1. Two-Piece Toilet

A tank and a bowl separate a two-piece toilet. Both of these are disconnected even before their installation. After a detailed analysis, our studies and experience show that two-piece toilets are more complex and challenging to install than single-piece toilets. It has more weight, but it’s easy to clean. This is perfect to use for those who are adults and who are elders. Due to its advanced design, it’s not recommended to use for short or for children.  However, the repair process for this type of toilet is straightforward.

2. One Piece Toilet

The one-piece toilet is another essential and perfect toilet that is perfect to use for everyone. If we talk about the pros and cons, then it’s similar to a single-piece toilet. Depending upon the flushing system, it’s easy to install, clean, and even easy to repair. Moreover, it is expensive than a two-piece toilet with more warranty time.

3. Wall Hung Toilet

As the name represents, it is the toilet that is hung on the wall. It is superior and more beautiful with a modern look. To install it, it’s hung on the wall, and you can place it anywhere. The only part left behind or outside of the wall is the bowl and flush. This is an expensive toilet due to its advanced structure and other advanced elements which it used during its construction. Moreover, you can’t install it by yourself, but you need a professional plumber to install this toilet.

Wall hang toilet

4. A Smart Toilet

An intelligent toilet is one that is more advanced in technology than all other toilets of the same size and dimensions. But the difference is that it has additional components, including wandering dryers, heated seats, self-cleaning wounds, and many others that perform special functions. It is a type of commodo.

5. Tankless Toilet

Without the aid of a tank or any container for water and waste material storage, a tankless toilet is another well reputed and common type of flushing system. The benefit or the edge point is that apart from all these missing elements; it’s more effective and efficient. It uses less water and enhances the water conservation process. With an easy to install process, it is durable and cost-friendly. But the question arises here that what is needed if it’s free of a tank? Well, it releases its products and waste material it water to a pipeline supply which is connected to your sewage system.

6. Upflush Toilet

You must have experienced that most of the toilets are downwards and work with the aid of a gravity system. An upflush toilet has an upward waste supply through a pipe. It’s easy to install but may be expensive for many people. The plus point is that it’s working efficiently in an advanced way. All waste material, including liquid and solid ones, goes to an upward pipeline system, which then adds into a tank also named a macerating unit. This unit then goes to the central drainage system. The advantage is that it saves you from the cement and other costs of installing a low toilet.

Upflush Toilet

7. Pressure Assisted Toilet

A pressure-assisted toilet works on the principle of more pressure using water. It may be the same as a standard two or single-piece toilet, but the difference is that it has an extra tank, which creates pressure using water. Due to more stress, it’s straightforward to flush water material. There are many pros of this toilet as it makes no clogs as compared to a standard toilet. Anyhow, it may be tough to replace due to its advanced style. Especially when it comes to knowing about replacing a part, it may be dead tricky sometimes.

8. Vacuums Assist Toilet

Vacuum assisted toilets provide a more powerful flushing system. It is the same as the pressure-assisted toilet, but the only difference is that there is a vacuum tank to create extra pressure. The vacuum tank sucks different particles from the waste material, which are hard to go outside of the tank. Moreover, the vacuum tank pushes the particle away from the bowl rather than a pressure-assisted toilet which moves particles towards the toilet bowl.

9. Double Cyclone Toilets

Another perfect and well famous type of toilet is the double vertex or double cyclone toilet. With its newly arrived technology, this is available only on some platforms compared to traditional bathrooms commonly public. The use of two nozzles along the rim is a way to create more pressure in the bowl for water. Due to which it’s easy to clean the toilet seat after usage. It’s easy to install and has no con at all.

10. Small Compact Toilet

A small compact is about less than 14 inches or equal to it with small size and effective technology. It is a standard one-piece toilet available at a comfortable height. You can buy this quickly from the nearby market shop or using an online platform.

11. Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet has two flushes, i.e., one for the solid waste and another for the liquid waste. With all the astonishing functions and other remarkable functions, it’s an advanced type that uses all the necessary elements for a toilet.


Are all toilets of standard sizes?

Yes, most of the cases toilets are of a standard size. But it depends upon toilet types, design, and other factors. On average, we can say that a standard size toilet is 14 to 30 inches.

Can a toilet flush itself?

No, all toilets can’t flush themselves. The reason is that not all of them are self-flushing toilets. According to research, only those toilets can flush themselves, which are self-flushing in their quality.

Can a toilet be moved?

Yes, you can move a toilet, but it’s not recommended because it may badly affect your pipeline system and other systems.

Final Verdicts

Types of toilets are exciting topics and nowadays getting attention as people are now careful about their home products. Above are some common and well-reputed types of toilets and you can buy any one of these depending upon your interest and time? Keep sure to read all functions and other instructions mentioned with a type. If you still have a question about toilet type, comment below.

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